Behind the lens is my favourite place to be

I started my photography business in 2017. At this time I was attending college, studying marketing. Photography had always been a big part of my life. I even had my very own Canon film camera that I would carry around in a turtle shaped camera bag (no kidding!).

After years of hesitation I decided to pursue my dreams. After being a volunteer for kids sport camps for a couple of years it became pretty clear that kids and family photography would be a specialisation of mine. This quickly evolved to newborn photography, but also everything about love. Such as pregnancies, loveshoots and weddings.

I love it when families trust me to capture their most precious memories. It is a great feeling for me to be able to capture a moment full of love and joy at the push of a button.

As a child of parents who were both interested in photography, I have photo albums full of memories. I would like to give these heirlooms to other families as well; beautiful spontaneous photos and quality photo products that last. Because how great is it to see your growing family on photo year after year and to keep looking at these photos through albums or wall art, even when your little miracles aren't that little anymore?

Who am I?

Through the text above you have learned a bit about me as a photographer. But who is Nikki? Your trust in me to capture your special moments means you should also know a bit about me personally.

I'm Nikki! A twenty-something woman who is approaching 30 quicker than she'd like. I'm a full time marketing manager with a company that is specialised in furniture and home decoration. A job I really like and love to combine with my true passion: photographing everything to do with love and family!

In my spare time I tend to enjoy the small things, such as discovering new restaurants with friends, going clothes shopping, having a cozy night in or going for walks with my dog and mom in the Ardennes. When I'm not working on a Sunday, I like to spend it with a friend or chill out watching a Scandinavian thriller or Harry Potter movie.

The photos on the right are all photos from my photo folder 'Day to day'. These day to day smartphone captures are all little things I truly appreciate. Such as discovering new places, cozy corners in my apartment or a beautiful sunset!

Some numbers

years as a sole proprietor

During my marketing studies in 2017 I requested my first company number and became an official sole proprietor in March 2017.

countries I've been to

Countries I have visited before: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Austria, Sicily, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Vatican City, South Korea, Sweden and Switzerland

Next one on the bucket list: New Zealand!

years old during my first wedding

The first wedding I photographed happend just a few months after officially starting my company. It was the marriage of my cousin and his wife and I was super nervous! Thankfully everything went okay and both of them are still really pleased with the photos.